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This ticket is valid for entry for 1 person to the epsresso martini masterclass on the specified date and time slot. 


What's Included: 


  • Live Interactive step-by-step guide to making the perfect espresso martini
  • Make your own espresso martinis
  • Drink Three varieties of espresso martinis
  • Customise your cocktail garnish
  • Enjoy three coffee inspired food pairings


About the Masterclass:


The Ingredientist are back with another luxury espresso martini masterclass series! Considering that us Londoners practically run on the stuff, coffee is rarely given the love and attention it deserves. Good job this luxury espresso martini experience is in town then, so you can get clued up on the exotic world of those magical beans (whilst tasting your fair share of coffee-fuelled nibbles while you’re at it). You'll be a cocktail making pro by the end of this experience!


Guests will undergo a 90-minute masterclass experience, get to enjoy three signature luxury martinis and then make their favourite recipe with their very own customised garnish and taste three coffee-inspired dishes to compliment the cocktails.  You'll get to shake up award-winning spirits and liqueurs with luxury grade artisan coffee sourced from sustainable coffee growers making sure that only the best beans make the cut for your espresso martinis! Basically, if coffee and booze are your thing, you’d be a fool to miss this.

Saturday 6th May (2.15PM SESSION) - Espresso Martini Masterclass